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Snake Oil TS High Foam - Our Best Encap Shampoo

Snake Oil Triple Strenght High Foam - Concentrated Encap Shampoo
High Foam Deodorizing Encapsulant Cleaner
Sweet Orange Blossom Scent
Use dilution as little as 2 oz. per gallon.


  • Cleans well on a wide variety of soil types. Performs at least as well if not better than any competing low moisture product on any carpet or soil type.
  • Snake Oil is the Absolute Best VLM Product for oily/greasy soils.
  • Effective Spotter & Anti-wicking Treatment
  • Built in Odor Neutralizers
  • There is no low moisture product that cleans as well ounce for ounce as Snake Oil.
  • Nothing crystalizes better than Snake Oil.


  • Value in every drop. 1 Gallon will clean a straight line 4.9 miles long.
  • Low usage cost. A ready to use gallon costs only $0.69. That same gallon cleans 400sq ft of carpet. Not only does our product out preform it's competiton, it goes farther & it lasts longer.
  • Since our formula is concentrated it saves on shipping, due to less water in the bottle.
  • Reduces product footprint (shelf space) freeing up valuable space "on the truck".
  • Reduces packaging waste & saves on freight.
  • A single 5 gallon pai of Snake Oil is equivalent to 20 gallons (That's FIVE 4 gallon cases) of 8oz per gallon "concentrates".

Lower Usage Cost

Due to our higher concentration of our encap shampoo you need to ship less product, less frequently.
One gallon of a competing 8oz per gallon shampoo is capable of cleaning 5100 sqft at the perscribed coverage rate. A gallon of competing 4oz per gallon shampoo cleans 9900sq ft. One gallon of Snake Oil Cleans 26000 square feet. The cost to ship a gallon of all 3 products 100 miles is the same... You do the math...

With the higher coverage rate, lower use dilution and reduced shipping cost Snake Oil is the best value ounce for ounce & dollar for dollar. Do more with less for only $0.0017 per sq ft. This is approximately 1/3 to 1/2 the usage cost of competing products (depending on the brand).

All of that & you still get all of the Benefits of Low Moisture Cleaning with Encapsulation Technologies

  • Efficency it's just plain faster than HWE in most cases
  • Labor Savings Adjusting your methodology & chemisty saves man hours and EFFORT
  • Greatly Reduced Frequency of Returning Spots
  • Lower Equipment Cost
  • Carpet stays clean longer & cleans easier on subsequent cleanings
  • Increases access to facilities - Some places hoses just won't reach....
  • Increases security-Some place have a need for locked doors. No hoses means you can close & lock the door behind you.
  • Reduces frequency of cleaning. Since the cleaning solution doesn't leave a soil attracting residue, the frequency of cleaning to maintain a baseline appearance is reduced.
  • Lower Overhead: Reduced equipment, labor & fuel costs when compared to Truckmounted cleaning systems.
  • You can easily run a 2 man crew that can consistantly clean 4000+ sq ft per hour out of a minivan.

And we haven't even started on Magic Bullet

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  • Manufactured by: Judson Labs

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