Simple Encap


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Introducing Simple Encap!

What’s Simple Encap? In short, Simple Encap is a low cost encap cleaner that’s ideal for those regularly maintaining maintaining commercial accounts. However, Simple Encap also works well in residential settings.

Due to its great scent, big cleaning power and low dilution ratio, Simple Encap will easily outperform similarly priced encaps!

Simple Encap is:

  • Strong in cleaning power
  • Crystallizing
  • Empowered with a pleasant scent
  • 8.5 pH
  • Low cost

Will Simple Encap out clean Awesome Encap?

The answer is no! Awesome Encap utilizes polymers that will help carpet stay cleaner, longer. It also has strong cleaning power that makes it one of the top tier encaps on the market today. However, Simple Encap cleans great and will be a great choice for price conscious cleaners. 

Simple Encap in Action! 


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