DD-12 Bio


An advanced blend of alcohol, propylene glycol, surfactants and fragrances used to control odor.

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DD-12 Bio Odor Control

The Least Costly

The Most Effective

The Most Powerful

The Fastest Working

What Makes DD-12 BIO Unique?

1- The concentration of active ingredients. Compare DD-12 with whatever you are currently using and you’ll discover that you are mainly buying water and paying between $5 and $40 per gallon for it. Also if you have products shipped to you, add on the additional cost of having water shipped to you. DD-12 is formulated to a maximum state of concentration.

2- The quality of active ingredients. Only premium quality ingredients are used. No cost was spared to make this the best product available.

3- The shortest dwell time for total elimination of odor source. Due to the quantity and quality of the ingredients, DD-12 Bio quickly removes the odor source to speed up treatment process and treatment cycles. A weaker or inferior quality product may eventually control the odor, but may require 20 minuets or more of dwell time to do the job DD-12 BIO can do in seconds.

4- The inclusion of an advanced drying agent. DD-12 BIO contains 5% of a, trade secret, drying agent to greatly decrease the drying time.

5- The inclusion of agents for control of airborne odors. DD-12 BIO contains 20% Propylene Glycol to attack a wide variety of airborne odors.

6- The inclusion of BHT. Butylated Hydroxytoluene is an additive used as an antioxidant to preserve both the integrity and the shelf life of the fragrance contained in DD-12 BIO.

7- Your net cost per ready to use product. One quart of DD-12 BIO Makes 64 gallons of ready to use odor control, at a strength hospitals use for sanitation. Your net cost after you supply your own water is only .34 cents per gallon.

Note: DD-12 Bio is approved to use on most stain resistant carpets. As with any product you use, check the manufacturer’s warranty


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