Our Microfiber Pads Explained!

Zinger Red – This is one of four original GalaxyMop offerings (along with Polar Pads). The microfiber ‘loops’ used in Zinger Red pads make them highly effective at pulling soil while also offering some agitation. This is a popular pad for commercial use and as a first step of residential VLM. Shop Zinger RED Pads Zinger Blue – Similar to Zinger Red, but with a tighter/denser body and more aggressive scrub strip. Like Zinger Red pads, they’re great for commercial and first step resi cleaning. Shop Zinger BLUE Pads MicroThin+ – These economy microfiber pads get the job done! Great for volume cleaners that have a high pad turnover as well as wanting something that “gets it done”. MicroThin+ areRead More

The VLM Journey

Our second feature article for September will cover the ‘how and where’ in pursuing prospects and work. Your level of experience with cleaning in general, and low moisture in particular, will play a significant role.