Purchase Finance Options

We have several options available for those wanting to finance a machine or VLM package through Encapstore. Keep in mind that unlike other retailers, we do not add any additional fees to your purchase price. Some of these options will allow you to get the equipment necessary to expand or start your business and immediately generate revenue with low monthly payments!

Note: This is merely an overview of potential options outside of using your current credit card. It is strongly suggested to review these options in detail prior to application or purchase.   



PayPal No Interest for 6 Months

This is a simple no interest option. Minimum monthly payment required and total purchase must be paid off within six months. This is a credit based promotion.




This is an ideal option for those wanting to purchase equipment, but might lack credit or face credit challenges (including bankruptcy in many cases). QuickSpark is a business credit builder offering set, low monthly payment terms from 12 – 60 months. Rate and terms vary based on credit.



18 Month No Interest Credit Card

This is a great Nerdwallet article that lists various credit card options with no interest for up to 18 months. If you have qualifying credit you’ll have the potential for no interest, cash back purchases and more. These credit cards can be ideal for those wanting not only equipment, but for other purchases such as travel and supplies.

Have questions about a particular piece of equipment or package? Call us anytime at 866-974-0202!