Our Microfiber Pads Explained!

Zinger Red – This is one of four original GalaxyMop offerings (along with Polar Pads). The microfiber ‘loops’ used in Zinger Red pads make them highly effective at pulling soil while also offering some agitation. This is a popular pad for commercial use and as a first step of residential VLM. Shop Zinger RED Pads Zinger Blue – Similar to Zinger Red, but with a tighter/denser body and more aggressive scrub strip. Like Zinger Red pads, they’re great for commercial and first step resi cleaning. Shop Zinger BLUE Pads MicroThin+ – These economy microfiber pads get the job done! Great for volume cleaners that have a high pad turnover as well as wanting something that “gets it done”. MicroThin+ areRead More

Cold Calling and Appointment Setting for Commercial Carpet Cleaning

This article is part of an ongoing series on how to pursue and secure commercial cleaning accounts. If you want to expand into the commercial carpet cleaning sector of the business you need leads, the quickest way to get them is through cold calling (discussed here)! If you don’t have the time or the patience to make cold calls, this article will show you in detail how to hire an appointment setter to make them for you. This article will outline the tools you will need to get an appointment on the phone and dialing in addition to showing you how to create a work environment that will allow them to successfully do the time-consuming work of cold calling prospects,Read More

Thinking About Starting A Carpet Cleaning Business? Read This First

Thinking about starting a carpet cleaning business? Consider budget, marketing and training before you start. Carpet care – and floor care in general – has lots to offer from a start-up perspective including a low barrier to entry with tremendous income potential and work/life balance. However, there’s a learning curve that might not be obvious from the outset. This article will highlight what to expect when starting your carpet cleaning business and offer insight that you might not have considered for your new venture. Carpet cleaning – and the cleaning industry in general – attracts many eager and ambitious people who want to take control of their futures, and for good reason! Some of the most attractive features include: GenerallyRead More

What’s New at Encapstore

Hello Everybody, As many of you have noticed, we rolled out a new formula for Awesome Encap. It has been well received and the feedback has been excellent! We have a number of updates coming up within the next 30 – 60 days including the introduction of a new general surface cleaner, an updated formula for our economy Simple Encap product, updates to Magic Bullet in addition to a new odor product, some much needed pad consolidation and more! Also take a look at our Swirly machine if you haven’t already! This is an affordable, well built rotary that’s great for carpet, wood and more!

On Site Reviews Now Available at Encapstore!

You can now read and leave reviews on the website! Reviews are readable and accessible via individual product listings. Feedback is important, so please share your thoughts!     

Commercial Carpet Cleaning Lead Generation

Generating leads for your commercial cleaning business. This is the first of what will be several write-ups with ideas on how to utilize various commercial marketing lists for your cleaning business. With this article we will cover phone prospecting to targeted businesses in order to establish contacts. This is a simple process that consists of making a brief call to find out who’s in charge of making decisions related to cleaning. The Lists Marketing lists are exactly as the name implies – lists. Commercial marketing lists can vary in data provided, but most include: • Business name • Phone • Physical address • URL Your goal is to use these lists as a means of establishing contact that will leadRead More

Internet Marketing for Carpet Cleaners with Steven Hoodlebrink

  The following is a from an online chat we had with Steven Hoodlebrink of BeFoundUSA.com. Steven specializes in a variety of online services including PPC, organic SEO, website development and more. This is a lengthy read, but worth the time. Also take a look at the promotion on our homepage that includes a $50.00 Encapstore gift card when you sign-up for any BeFoundUSA service. __________ ES: Hello everybody. Tonight’s the night where we talk to the one and only Steve Hoodlebrink of befoundusa.com as we discuss Google Guarantee and a few other subjects. This should be about an hour long chat. There he is. How have you been? SH: I’ve been pretty good. Staying busy, doing tutorials for aRead More

Commercial Carpet Cleaning Chat w/Steve Pike of ReNu Surface Restoration

The following is a transcript from a Facebook Live chat with New York based commercial cleaner, Steve Pike. He shared lots of great info including how he built his business, makes use of VLM, pursues large accounts and more. Steve has a built a very successful business in a very short amount of time. We appreciate the time he took to share his story. Please note: you may notice time stamps occasionally showing up in the transcript. This was due to audio issues we had during the event. However, the dialogue is easy to follow. You can find the original chat in our Facebook group, Pad Life. ES: Hey everybody. Hello. Steve, you’re actually at a job site, aren’t you?Read More

Ready for a New Cimex, OP or CRB? Check Out Our Equipment Finance Options!

Purchase Finance Options We have several options available for those wanting to finance a machine or VLM package through Encapstore. Keep in mind that unlike other retailers, we do not add any additional fees to your purchase price. Some of these options will allow you to get the equipment necessary to expand or start your business and immediately generate revenue with low monthly payments! Note: This is merely an overview of potential options outside of using your current credit card. It is strongly suggested to review these options in detail prior to application or purchase.        PayPal No Interest for 6 Months This is a simple no interest option. Minimum monthly payment required and total purchase must beRead More

Mytee ECO OP Center Plate Change

Mytee has introduced a new center plate for ECO-13 Lite and ECO PRO series OP machines. The new plate has shown to help better protect and prolong bearing life. Additionally, the new plate will work with the soon to be released Star-Lok driver allowing operators to quickly change from standard tufted driver to tile & grout or Velcro driver. Here’s a quick overview of the plate change: Old plate with eight holes             The new plate has only four holes               When changing the plate you’ll notice a number of washers bolted on the backside of the driver. These need to removed.              Read More