The Difference Between FREE Shipping, LOW Cost Shipping and CUSTOM Shipping Explained

If you’ve ordered pads, chems, accessories, small machines, etc. from us in the past, you already know that we ship most merchandise via ground courier (usually UPS or USPS).

But some stuff is too big to ship that way. Our “full size” machines such as OP’s, rotaries and portable extractors have to ship by a freight company (SAIA, R+L, Old Dominion, Estes, etc.), because they need to be put on a pallet, strapped down and moved on a big truck.

Encapstore offers 3 types of freight shipping:

  1. Free Freight Shipping
  2. Low charge freight shipping to freight centers (applies to some machines).
  3. Custom Shipping to personal address (usually home or business)


1. To take advantage of FREE freight shipping, you need to:

1. Have access to a commercial address with a forklift OR loading dock.
2. Pick up your machine directly at the freight center of your shipper.
3. Pick the machine up directly at our Las Vegas warehouse (only applies to some machines).

Some customers who choose Free Freight Shipping have a friend or family member who owns a business that uses a forklift or loading dock, in which case they can use Option 1. You would specify the shipping address when you place your order.

Most of those who choose Free Freight Shipping, however, pick-up the machine at the freight center if it’s near them. ‘Freight center’ is where a particular carrier parks trucks, unloads, loads and ships freight.

There are freight centers in every big city and virtually every midsize city, and most of our customers live within a 30 minute drive of such centers.

2. A small number of machines have low freight shipping

For reasons of economy, a small number of machines have a low freight fee (the product page of the machine will indicate this clearly). There will always be an option for custom shipping.


Custom Delivery with Lift Gate

3. Custom Shipping

Not everyone lives near a city with a freight center or has a friend with a business that has a forklift or loading bay. If this is the case, Custom Shipping might be your only option.

Custom Shipping is delivery to your door, whether it be home or business. The delivery truck will have a lift gate on the back, so you won’t need a forklift or loading bay.

Custom Shipping is convenient, but convenience comes with a price. Residential surcharges and lift gate fees are usually in the $150.00 range on top of the general freight charge (usually $150.00 – $200.00).

We would love to offer free door-to-door machine delivery, but it would make our prices much less competitive. For that reason we give YOU the choice of delivery.


If you have any questions, feel free to call Damon when you place your order.



  1. When you choose to pickup your machine (Option 1) you can typically unbox your machine onsite, load it and go. You don’t have to take the pallet.
  2. Encapstore offers free freight shipping on machines within the lower 48 states.
    lower 48 free shipping