Oreck Orbiter Pad Bundle


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    Encapstore.com put together this pad bundle for you Oreck Orbiter users. Many Orbiter users will remove the plastic nubs on the driver and replace with Velcro in order for pads to hold better. However, this is in no way a recommendation to alter your driver. Oreck has many brushes that can be used with this machine stock and many of these pads will as well. We do offer a Velcro sheet. Check out the Velcro and video.

    We’ve simplifed our pad bunle to include the following eight pads that will allow you take on a number of conditions:

    • 1 x Velcro Sheet
    • 2 x 12″ Planetary Pads
    • 3 x 13″ Zinger Pads
    • 3 x 13″ Polar Pads

    All of the above pads can be purchased individually as well.

    Additional information

    Weight 4 lbs
    Dimensions 12 × 12 × 10 in

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