Dragon pHire™ – 1 lb


Dragon pHire – Take on the Tough Stuff!

  • Powerful Oxy Formula
  • Dilutes @ 10.5 pH
  • Fragrance Free – No VOCs
  • Soap and Residue Free
  • Cleans carpet, tile and more!
  • Use with both VLM and HWE

Pet and people safe powder all purpose cleaner for HWE and VLM cleaning. Great on carpet, upholstery, tile and almost anything else. This does contain oxy and is great on carpet for organic issues and helping to brighten the carpet overall. Generally not safe for wool due to oxy (peroxide) content

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Includes BONUS – free microfiber towel!



Dragon pHire SDS

Dragon pHire is a HWE and VLM cleaner that can be used on:

  • Carpet
  • Tile
  • Upholstery
  • and more!

Use as a stand alone product for pad extraction or Hot water extraction cleaning. Also a great booster that can be used with Green Dragon (mix in equal parts, follow dilution chart).

Dragon pHire is soap and residue free! Effective at 2 oz per gallon (product includes a 2 oz scoop)


  • Product is very effective at 2 oz per gallon (3 oz for excessive soil)
  • Follow dilution chart according to soiling – apply product evenly
  • For VLM, pad extract using absorbent bonnets/pads
  • If using with Dragon pHire mix at equal parts using chart (for example: 2 oz per gallon would be 1 oz Green Dragon and 1 oz Dragon pHire)
  • Not for use with natural fibers