Awesome Encap


Our most popular encap has just gotten better!

Awesome Encap Orange has been reformulated as a plant-based and bio-based product for enhanced performance!

Clean residential and commercial with ease! Great with OP, rotary, Cimex and CRB!


Not sure what product to use? Check out our article on ‘what to use and when’

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Note: This product for professional use only.



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Awesome Encap SDS

Awesome Encap Label Gallon Orange

Awesome Encap is an outstanding butyl free cleaning solution for low moisture processes. This product has been formulated for Rotary, Oscillation and Counter Rotating Brush machines. Solution can applied via onboard spayer, shower feed or as a pre-spray.

Awesome Encap will dry to a brittle, non sticky polymer that will not attract soil. The polymer encapsulated and emulsifies soils which coats the dirt which is easily removed during post cleaning and routine vacuuming. The product also works extremely when used in conjunction with absorbent pads which allow for a near immediate removal of encapsulated soil.


The carpet was encap cleaned with amazing results!

VLM cleaning using Awesome Encap


Before & After Photos From Real Customers!


Important Notice to Purchaser: Seller’s and manufacturer’s liability for any and all losses or damages resulting from any cause whatsoever shall in no event exceed the purchase price of this product, with respect to which losses or damages are claimed. Before using this product, user must determine the suitability of this product for its intended use, and user assumes all risk and liability whatsoever in connection therewith. The manufacturer and seller make no representation or warranty, including merchantability of any kind, expressed or implied. The forgoing can not be altered except by written agreement of officers of the manufacturer.

What is Awesome Encap?

Awesome Encap is our number one selling product! Awesome Encap (also called AE or simply Awesome, since that’s what it is) is an encap cleaner that can be used on both residential and commercial carpet. It’s great at cutting grease, soils and oils. The polymer in Awesome Encap will dry to a crystal capturing (encapsulating) any remaining soil and residue left in the carpet. This is then removed with routine vacuuming – this is one of the primary reasons why carpet stays cleaner longer when using encap and low moisture processes!

What’s the scent like?

Awesome Encap is available in a subtle, pleasant orange or with no scent added. The orange scent would best described as ‘clean smelling’, but not overwhelming and your customers will appreciate this!

Can I use AE in commercial?

For sure, yes!!!!

Can I use AE on residential?

By all means, yes! Go for it!

Will Awesome remove pet stains?

Not usually. In the case of urine stains and organic in general, you can add Go-Oxy to your mix (usually at 5 oz per gallon) or as a stand alone spotter.

Can I use AE on wool?

Wall-to-wall should be no problem as is the case for area rugs, but test area first.

How much do I need to use?

Typically 3 – 4 oz per gallon. Sometimes more, sometimes less, but 3 – 4 oz is a solid average.

How much square footage will Awesome clean?

One concentrate gallon will clean up to 10k sq ft! (wow!)

Can I use it with HWE?

Yes, but it might foam some, so have de-foamer handy (especially with small portables) – will do an amazing job though!

Can I use Awesome Encap on tile and grout?

Yes! Same as above 🙂

Can I use this with a Cimex?


Can I use AE with a floor machine/buffer?


Can I use Awesome Encap with a CRB?


Can I use Awesome with an OP machine?

Yes! Yes! YES!

Is Awesome Encap ‘green’ friendly?

Plant and bio-based, pet and people safe….so, yes! 🙂

Is Awesome Encap Chuck Norris approved?

Pfft….of course!

Additional information

Weight 9 lbs

Orange, No Scent


Gallon, 4 Gallon Case, Quart