Hydro-Force Dry Compound


Note: This product for professional use only.

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Hydro Force Dry Compound SDS
Hydro Force Dry Compound Spec Sheet

Hydro-Force Dry Compound is the ideal product for those wanting effective, dry absorbency when CRB cleaning. Compound, in essence, acts as a sponge that absorbs soil with contact. Simply spread Hydro-Force Dry Compound evenly, agitate with CRB, collect soiled compound and you’re done!

Benefits include:

– USDA BioPreferred
– Effective at tackling reoccurring spots
– pH Neutral
– Very organic (99%)
– Does an outstanding job of removing existing residue from other cleaning methods
– Fast dry time (it’s a dry product, so it dries fast!)
– You cannot over wet with dry compound
– Quick learning curve, you can learn the process in minutes!
– Extended shelf life

Take your CRB and dry cleaning process to a whole new level with Hydro-Force Dry Compound!

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