KAPUT!™ Econo Jar


KAPUT! Econo Jars are a low cost, high yield option for ClO2 odor and stain removal. The Mini Econo Jar makes 28 RTU gallons!

This will yield a cost of about 59¢ per gallon! 

This product has a discounted stand alone shipping rate of $7.49 within the continental US.

This is a tremendous value.

See KAPUT! FAQ and warning labels below

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KAPUT!™ Econo Jar is a low cost, yet effective odor and stain removal product. KAPUT!™ Econo Jars will yield 28 RTU gallons! Your cost is approximately .59 cents per gallon!

Please read FAQ below for more information.

Kaput! ClO2 Chlorite Powder – SDS


What is KAPUT!™?

KAPUT! is a strong oxidizer consisting of stabilized chlorine dioxide (derived from sodium chlorite) that is used for many applications including organic odor and stain removal.

How does it work?

Add one 1/2 tablespoon to a two gallon container of room temperature to warm water (do not mix with hot water) similar to this: https://www.amazon.com/CSBD-Containers-Construction-Residential-Commercial/dp/B08617J9TC/

Allow the product to activate for about 20 minutes (you can also pre-mix in advance), apply evenly to surface. Must have approximately 15 – 30 minute contact time and follow with your standard cleaning process (see below for additional questions regarding cleaning). Please read complete instructions and warning labels prior to use.

How much should I mix?

We recommend 1/2 tablespoon for two gallons of water (room temperature to warm). Measure accurately. In virtually every instance – even with heavy odor – you will get great results. You can mix a 1/2 tablespoon to one gallon for extreme situations, but this is very rare. Do not over mix, more is not better!

How long does it take to work?

You’ll notice an immediate improvement. However, complete odor elimination will take longer, sometimes up to 2 – 3 days.

Can I use this with all carpet cleaning methods?


Why is there sometimes a strong oxidizing odor after applying KAPUT!™?

This is a reaction of the product oxidizing organics – particularly urine. The more severe the urine is, the stronger the product will react. This will dissipate once the odor source has been completely broken down.

Will it discolor carpet?

We always suggest testing an area first. Use provided contents at recommended dilution.

Can I add to my cleaning product?

You can, but allow for proper contact time and we suggest using a neutral or high neutral non-peroxide cleaner. Always test this prior to use to make sure the two products are compatible.

Can I add peroxide?

This is typically not needed or recommended. We suggest a stand alone topical application of peroxide (such as Go-Oxy) for stubborn stains.

How long will it last?

Product has an approximate 1 year shelf life when stored at average room temperature.

How should this be stored?

Store using a closed container in a well ventilated area at average room temperature.

Is this better than a liquid ClO2 product?

Both are equally effective if used at the same or similar concentration. The dry product is used to produce a liquid product that you can then apply. You can mix packets and bulk product in advance if you prefer saving activation time in the process. Some end users prefer the convenience and ease of use of a ready-to-dilute liquid product, while others prefer the economy of packets and jars. All variations provide a low cost odor removal solution. When using Econo Jars be sure to measure accurately – this is an absolute must. 


KAPUT! Warning

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Biggie – Makes 60-120 gallons, Econo – Makes 28 gallons