KAPUT!™ Tablets


Use Kaput Tablets to remove odor from open spaces including homes, apartments, hotel rooms, auto mobiles and more. Odors cause by urine and feces, food rot, animal carcass, mold & mildew, cigarette & marijuana smoke and more are removed with ease.
This is a gas that tackles and removes odor. Areas must be unoccupied during this process (no pets, no people), no wet contents including carpet, rugs, towels, bedding, linen, etc. Sources of odor must be removed prior to treatment.

Odor Kit Includes

  • 10 x 100g tablets
  • 4 X 20G tablets
  • 2 battery pumps
  • Custom Signage Template
  • Pail
ODOR KIT ON SALE through May 31, 2024: $264.99 NOW $256.50
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20g Tablets, 100g Tablets, Battery Pump, 8 oz Room/Auto Jar, Odor Kit