Scent-Sational! Air Freshener & Odor Remover


Scent-Sational! works as an air freshener/deodorizer and general odor remover. Use on its own to leave a pleasant post cleaning scent or add to most pre-sprays to help with odor control. Scent-Sational! is concentrate and economical. A little product goes a long way, so be sure to use proper dilution.

Scent-Sational! can make odors such as urine, feces, old foodstuffs and more undetectable. On top of that, Scent-Sational! has an amazing Vanilla and Rocky Mountain Fresh Scent (similar to our popular War on Pee scent)!

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Q: What is Scent-Sational!? 

A: It’s an amazing, really over the top air freshener/deodorizer. Very concentrate with a very, very nice sent – it’s also a complex odor modifier which means it helps makes odor undetectable!

Q: How do I use it?

A: Follow the label instructions and remember that a little goes a long way. Add to hand sprayers or gallon containers with your preferred pre-spray/encap

Q: Why does it have a hue?

A: For visibility in quart and translucent sprayers (though ALL of your sprayers need to be labeled) – we may discontinue this in the future

Q: How does it remove odors?

A: In short, it scrambles odor molecules making it virtually impossible to detect by smell. However, it does not remove odor source (see War on Pee for a source removal product) – it can work particularly well in conjunction with a peroxide product (such as Oxy-Pop!)

Q: Is Scent-Sational! a cleaner?

A: No. This product does not clean – but it smells great and helps remove odor!

Q: Can I add it to my cleaning product? 

A: Yes, though test area first. Also, this may effect crystallization of some encaps, though should have no consequence on the products ability to remain residue free

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Vanilla – Gallon, Vanilla – Quart, Rocky Mountain Fresh (War on Pee) – Gallon, Rocky Mountain Fresh (War on Pee) – Quart