War on Pee


Enzyme Odor and Stain Remover

War on Pee is an outstanding enzyme option for organic stain and odor removal – particularly urine. War on Pee is dilutable and can make up to twelve RTU gallons (or 3 gallons when purchasing quarts). War on Pee is not only an enzyme odor/stain treatment, but a great general cleaner as well. War on Pee also has encapsulating properties reducing the chances of residue and resoiling. This can be used with both HWE & VLM.

Product is very concentrate. Shake well prior to mixing and during application.

NOTE: War on Pee is not freeze/thaw stable. 

Please read directions and SDS prior to use as well as the FAQ below.


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War on Pee SDS

War on Pee



How does War on Pee work?

War on Pee is a very concentrate enzyme odor and stain remover as well as cleaner. Bacteria produces enzymes that breakdown molecules found in various mal-odors, waste, soils and stains into small pieces. These pieces are eventually consumed and ultimately evaporated into air.

Is War on Pee a cleaner?

In addition to odor and stain removal, War on Pee cleans quite well. Typical dilution is 5-6 oz per gallon.

Will War on Pee fully remove odor?

If the product makes contact with the source, is given ample dwell time, not exposed to peroxide, high pH or excessive heat, it will do an amazing job of removing odor. The product is somewhat finicky, so the aforementioned conditions will have an impact on the performance of the product.

How does it do on stains? 

War on Pee will remove many organic stains. However, in some situations you may need to post apply a peroxide (after dwell and cleaning) to treat any stubborn stains. We strongly suggest a light topical application.

What is Rocky Mountain Fresh scent?

It smells like a nice trip to the mountains. Very fresh and clean….once the urine wears off.

Is odor removal instant?

It will knock down the odor quickly, but deeper source treatment will take time. Sometimes hours or even day(s).

What methods can War on Pee be used with?

HWE and VLM.

However, with VLM you’ll want to limit this (and other odor products in general for that matter) to topical treatment using a low concentration mix. The reason for this is that using the product at a high concentration with low moisture processes can potentially leave the carpet somewhat stiff. This is corrected with post vacuuming once the carpet is completely dry, but is not ideal. Additionally, tough urine jobs should be water extracted/rinsed.

Is War on Pee freeze/thaw stable?

NO 🙁

What’s the dilution?

5:1 for light odor and staining, 4:1 for moderate conditions, 3:1 for heavy, 2:1 if very heavy and even 1:1 or undiluted for the most extreme situations (see above regarding method when using War on Pee and treatment in general).

What’s the process?

Shake well in the concentrate gallon immediately prior to pouring measured product. Mix with warm water not to exceed 110°F. Apply evenly, though heavier applications maybe be needed for heavily saturated areas. One gallon should cover approximately 300 – 500 sq ft. Continue to shake occasionally.

War on Pee will require approximately 20 – 35 minutes of dwell time depending on severity. Once dwell is complete, begin your cleaning process. Though War on Pee has amazing, natural cleaning properties, you still may need to use additional cleaning agents. In this case you’ll want to use a neutral to high neutral, non-peroxide product (such as Awesome Encap, Simple Encap, Green Dragon or similar products). These products can usually be used at lower than normal dilutions.

Apply topical peroxide for stubborn stains (such as Go-Oxy).

Apply post topical application of War on Pee if needed/desired.

Is War on Pee an encap?

War on Pee contains an encapsulating polymer. While it doesn’t help with urine, it will help much like a standard encap does in providing additional soil removal and reducing wicking. Look further up the FAQ for guidance on dilution and method when using War on Pee.

Why use War on Pee vs other pet/odor products?

Enzymes, in general, are very safe and effective. Many cleaners (and their customers) also prefer a more pleasant scent for pet treatment vs the sometimes heavy oxidizing bleach/chlorine scent associated with other odor removal products.

Our goal with War on Pee is offer an effective, safe product that can be used with HWE and VLM that works extremely well at odor source removal.

There are a few options out there for odor treatment – this is one of them.

What odors can War on Pee take on? 

Use on virtually anything organic including urine, feces, vomit, garbage and more. In addition to carpet, you can also clean a multitude of surfaces including upholstery, laundry, vehicle interiors, trash cans, etc.

Is War on Pee suitable for wool and other natural fibers?

War on Pee is not recommended for wool or other natural fibers.

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