“Keep it Simple with Oxy-Pop!™

Many have asked why we don’t have an “all-in-one” product that contains an encap with a built-in peroxide. Well, now we do and it’s called Oxy-Pop!™ While it took some time, we were able to develop a product that has an outstanding balance of cleaning power coupled with the organic stain fighting benefit of hydrogen peroxide! Great for carpet and upholstery, Oxy-Pop!™ will clean, brighten and remove organic stains such as soda, blood, vomit, foodstuffs and more!

Use as a general hot water extraction and low moisture cleaner in addition to organic spotter!

You can dilute Oxy-Pop!™ at as little as 3 – 4 ounces per gallon and achieve amazing results (also safe for wool at low dilution, but always test prior)!

Please read FAQ below as well as label and SDS prior to use.

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Oxy-Pop SDS 04-19-23


Is Oxy-Pop!™ people and pet safe?

Yes, indeed! In addition to our already safe encap cleaners, hydrogen peroxide is a great stain remover and brightener in addition to being very eco and person/pet friendly.

What’s the dilution? 

Approximately 3 oz – 10 oz per gallon depending on condition and desired results.

What makes Oxy-Pop!™ great?

There’s typically a big trade-off with peroxide based encap cleaners. Other products have an imbalance and will either do better at cleaning or stain removal, but not be good at both. We’ve developed a product that has cleaning power similar to Awesome Encap™ (our biggest selling product) along with the ability to lift organic stains and brighten carpet. We believe that Oxy-Pop! has found the balance needed to make it an all around great product.

Is Oxy-Pop!™ better than Awesome Encap™?

That depends. Many like an “all-in-one” product as it makes things easier from a mixing perspective in addition to saving shelf space and benefiting from the economy of a single product. On the other hand, stand alone cleaners will generally crystallize better. You can also create a mix specific to the job at hand. For example, light organic soiling will reduce your need to use peroxide where as heavily soiled carpet may require a stronger general cleaning agent. This is the benefit of our stand alone peroxide booster, Go-Oxy.

Can I use this on residential carpet?

Absolutely and it will do great at lifting stains and brightening the carpet.

Can I use this on commercial? 

Yes! Same reasons as above.

Can I use this on natural fiber such as wool?

At 3 – 4 oz you should be fine, but test area first.

Does it have a shelf life? 

Yes, the concentrate (bottle we sell) has a shelf life of about one year. We have a DOM (date of manufacturing) stamp on the bottle.

Does it have a shelf life when mixed?

The peroxide portion of the product will begin losing strength over the course of about 1 – 2 days. However, the cleaning ability will remain near indefinitely.

Will it help with odor control?

Somewhat, but this will depend on the severity, length of contamination, etc.

Anything that can be done to increase its ability to take on pet issues?

Yes, you can add Scent-Sational to Oxy-Pop!™ and have tremendous success at removing both stains and odor!

Can I contact you if I have additional questions?

Sure! Call 866-974-0202 or email us at

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