Shield Multi-Surface Solvent Sealer


Make Shield your go-to multi-surface sealer! Shield is solvent based and can protect virtually any soft or hard surface including carpet, upholstery, rugs, tile & grout, concrete, marble, terrazzo, leather and more!

Shield provides long lasting protection for both commercial and residential applications. This is a ready to use (RTU) product. Please read FAQ and label prior to use and follow all safety requirements.

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Q: What is Shield?

A: Shield is an all purpose protector that can be used on nearly any surface including carpet, tile and grout, upholstery, stone, leather, etc.

Q: How do I apply it?

A: Clean all areas prior to applying Shield. Do not dilute. For soft surfaces apply using a low psi sprayer (do not use a misting tip). Keep lance tip 6″ – 10″ from surface. Apply evenly. Allow surface to dry completely (typically two hours) before returning to normal use. For hard surfaces apply via low psi sprayer keeping lance tip 6″ – 10″ from surface (do not use a misting tip) or mop evenly across floor (recommended), allow surface to dry completely, generally two hours. All surfaces (soft and hard) are cured in about 24 hours. Practice safe handling (gloves, eyewear, etc.) and make sure treated areas have ample air flow. Do not inhale fumes. Read product label prior to use.

Q: Does it have an odor?

A: Shield is a very effective solvent sealer that contains a high solid count. As a result, there will be some odor. However, you can generally expect odor to dissipate in about one hour or less (though this can vary).

Q: Is there anything I can do for lingering odor or to help reduce odor during application?

A: Activated charcoal can be very helpful to help reduce solvent odor. Though odor should not be present for long, activated charcoal can help expedite odor breakdown.

Q: How long does Shield last?

A: Shield will last at least one year for commercial applications and two years for residential applications. This can be significantly extended with proper maintenance.

Q: How should surfaces be maintained after applying Shield?

A: Only use neutral to high neutral cleaners. Agitate using non-abrasive applications such as microfiber, soft brushes and low psi agitation/rinsing. Advise end users that following these practices will extend the life of Shield. In addition, surfaces are much easier to clean once sealed and will not require aggressive cleaners or machine agitation. End users should maintain regularly.

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