Galaxy™ 5 Portable Carpet Extractor


One look at our compact Galaxy™ 5 portable carpet extractor and you’ll realize that it is possible to have your cake and eat it too! Carpet cleaning can be hard work, but if you have the right tools it doesn’t have to be. The Galaxy 5 carpet extractor provides superior carpet cleaning capability by utilizing high quality components, tight quality control and unique engineering designs.



    The Galaxy 5™ portable carpet extractor (500BX HR) is designed for remarkable power housed within an incredibly lightweight and portable package. The Galaxy 5™ carpet extractor is the obvious choice for auto detailing and for those carpet cleaning jobs where a small yet powerful unit makes more sense.


    Optional external heater is easy to install or remove and keeps heat away from the inside of the machine for longer life.
    “No drip” motor cavity guarantees water spilled on the outside of the machine stays out!
    Opens quickly like a clamshell for fast and easy servicing.
    Upright-mounted motors along with a special intercooler guarantee long life and durability.
    Full complement of optional accessories attaches to the back of the unit for cleaning upholstery, stairs, etc.
    Silencer system for quieter operation.
    Handle folds down for easy transport and compact storage.