Swirly™ Spray ‘n Scrub


Get all of the Swirly Pro features PLUS on-board spray capability!

This gives you the ability to encap or pad extract!

Great option for commercial and residential carpet pad extraction, wood, LVT and more.

Spray arm is adjustable allowing you point the sprayer in virtually any direction.

Sprayer is positioned and designed to reduce the ‘bounce’ of atomized solutions – this means product dispensed via sprayer stays more on the floor and less in the air!

The Swirly Spray ‘n Scrub also has standard gravity feed option for encap, vct work and more!


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Standard Swirly Features Include:

  • 75 lb operating weight (compared to 95+ lb average of standard floor machines)!
  • Oversized wheels for easy stair climbing and general machine transport!
  • Easy ‘pull apart’ frame for easy storage and transport!
  • Detachable, 12 gauge cord (no heavy, wrap around cord to manage)
  • Two finger front hand grip for easy lifting!
  • Flow vale
  • 5 gallon solution tank
  • Quiet, smooth operation
  • Durable, 1 HP high gear ratio motor
  • Multi-Surface operation including carpet, wood (cleaning and screening), tile & grout, LVT and more!
  • Precision, Made in the USA parts and assembly!

Swirly machines are an outstanding option for those wanting a long lasting rotary machine that can clean a variety of surfaces. Many start-ups and veteran cleaners have found the Swirly to be a great addition to their cleaning arsenal!

Clean carpet, wood (cleaning and screening), tile & grout, LVT and more!

Available in 13”* or 15” models

Includes tufted pad driver and extension cord

*13” models may require additional build time

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Swirly™ Spray ‘n Scrub