Blue Evolution S+ UV with Touch Screen



Blue Evolution S+ is the ultimate weapon for extreme cleaning. High-pressure steam plus vacuum with UV-C Blue Technology to kill germs and viruses.

  • UV-C Blue Light Technology & HEPA Filtration
  • Preferred by Healthcare Facilities & Kitchen
  • Touch Screen
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    Blue Evolution S+ Commercial Steam Vacuum Cleaner

    The demand for better cleaning has never been more important and the BLUE EVOLUTION S+ is in a class of its own. It’s a high-pressure steamer with a built-in vacuum that will cut your cleaning time in half!

    The bonus Extraction function easily cleans hard floors, furniture, and mattresses with the vacuum removing excess moisture for fast drying.

    The BLUE EVOLUTION S+ Commercial Steam Vacuum makes cleaning quick and easy and comes with a myriad of attachments for every cleaning application.

    Clean and sanitize all surfaces using high-quality, easy-to-use steam cleaning tools.