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A600 Modular Van Shelving System (Pack of 3 Shelves)


Durable, versatile, and lightweight, Mytee’s Modular Van Shelving System takes the issues that other shelves seem to ignore and tackles them head on. The polyethylene frame provides a sturdy yet lightweight alternative to steel or aluminum shelves that won’t weigh you down and won’t rattle. This modular system adapts to meet your storage needs, so you get the exact number of shelves and level of organization you need. No more, no less. Don’t just get any shelf that works, get the one that works for you!

Makes 3 stackable shelves.

6x shelf support sections
12x metal shelving tubes
2x floor mounts
2x wall anchors
24x #14 x 2″ screws
16x #14 x 1.25″ screws
40x 0.25″ flat washers