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Pet Brochure sample inside


As we’re all aware, pet treatment is a big part of carpet cleaning. Fortunately, the processes and products have advanced greatly over the years making our work not only easier, but more effective as well. Having the procedures in place – such as a UV light inspection along with the tools to conquer pet issues such as a subsurface extractors and odor combatants are must haves.

But you’ll also need another tool and that’s marketing material.

We developed the pet brochure to help you get more work in this highly lucrative market. However, unlike most brochures and flyers that are distributed directly to commercial and residential prospects, this one works a little differently. These marketing pieces will be put on display in businesses in your service area. Businesses such as groomers (brick & mortar and mobile), veterinarian offices, doggy daycare and local pet stores that cater to this market.

We’ve done all the work for you and the brochure is completely turnkey with content that touches on topics such as inspection and treatment. We also fully customize the brochure to include your logo, phone number and web address.

All that’s required is for you to visit these businesses request to display the brochures. To help make this easier – and to reward businesses that are sending you customers – we’ve included a referral code area. The area provided is blank and allows you to optionally include a designated referral code for these businesses. There are many ways to reward a businesses for their referrals including free lunch, gift cards, movie tickets and of course cash.

Be creative with your referral rewards, but most of all be sure to pound the pavement and get this marketing material in as many businesses as possible!
















There are two ways to purchase:

OPTION 1 – Customization Only – $79.00

  • This is a one time cost and includes adding your logo along with phone, web address and color scheme. You’ll receive the completed file and you take it to the printer of your choice.

OPTION 2 – Customization and Print Package w/FREE SHIPPING – $219.00 – $479.00 

  • These packages are based on quantity and include customization (logo, phone, web address and color scheme) along with printing and shipping:
    • 100 qty – $219
    • 250 qty – $229
    • 500 qty – $279
    • 1000 qty – $329
    • 2500 qty – $379
    • 5000 qty – $479



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