18″ Polar Microfiber Pads


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Polar Pads are the premier ‘second step’ microfiber pad. These all microfiber pads do an outstanding job of absorbing soil and are an ideal follow-up for soil extraction! Recommended for residential use.

Expect to clean approximately 100′ – 150′ per side (13″ pads and larger) before flipping/changing.

Suggested size based on machine type (we recommend pads that are at minimum matching driver size and ideally 1″ – 3″ larger for baseboards, etc.):

  • 8″ for upholstery and stair cleaning 
  • 13″ for Oreck Orbiter (stair and spot cleaning tool)
  • 15″ ideal for 13″ rotary machines such as the Swirly, Hawk, Koblenz and similarly sized machines. Also works well with the TOPS Odyssey OP machine
  • 18″ for use with all 15″ to 17″ rotary machines and Challenger OP. 
  • 20″ for use with all full size OP machines including Orbot (Vibe and Sprayborg), Mytee ECO 17, TOPS (Champ and Phoenix, Orbitec, Toro and more  (note: Microthin Microfiber pads are an excellent option for the Vibe and SprayBorg) 

Also available in

  • 18″
  • 20″
  • 22″

PROS: Excellent soil extraction, great second step pad for residential, long lasting, great with all rotary machines and high orbit OP’s such as the TOPS and Mytee ECO machines

NOTE: Does not have agitation scrub strip, this is for soil and moisture absorption exclusively.

**Wash in cold water, dry no/low heat!**

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