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15″ GalaxyMop MicroThin Pads


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MircroThin pads are great for both rotary and most OP machines (particularly TOPS Odyssey, Orbot Vibes and Sprayborgs along with other standard orbit OP’s). These pads are much thinner when compared to the typical microfiber pad as a result they can feel somewhat ‘bumpy’ on unveven floors as well as some commercial machines when using TOPS tamping action machines.

MicroThin pads are economically priced. These pads work great in both commercial and residential settings with excellent soil lift and some agitation.

Expect to clean approximately 100′ – 125′ per side (13″ pads and larger) before flipping/changing.

Suggested size based on machine type (we recommend pads that are at minimum matching driver size and ideally 1″ – 3″ larger for baseboards, etc.):

  • 13″ for Oreck Orbiter (stair and spot cleaning tool)
  • 15″ ideal for 13″ rotary machines such as the Swirly, Hawk, Koblenz and similarly sized machines. Also works well with the TOPS Odyssey OP machine
  • 18″ for use with all 15″ to 17″ rotary machines and Challenger OP. 
  • 20″ for use with all full size OP machines including Orbot (Vibe and Sprayborg), Mytee ECO 17, TOPS (Champ and Phoenix, Orbitec, Toro and more  (note: Microthin Microfiber pads are an excellent option for the Vibe and SprayBorg) 

PROS: Economical, great soil lift, long lasting

CONS: Won’t last long with some high orbit machines, though there is an agitation strip these pads are better suited for soil lifting than scrubbing

**Wash Cold Water/Dry Low/No Heat**