8″ Tuway BBC Carpet Bonnet with Brown Scrub Strip


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    Tuway’s Patented design offers faster, more efficient cleaning. The monofilament brush strips aggressively scrub all levels of carpet to break up impacted soils, scrub through out the carpet pile, restoring fibers to a “like new” appearance. •Ideal for scrubbing in pre-spray to loosen soil prior to Steam/HWE (Hot Water Extraction Cleaning) and Post Encapping.•Available in 8″, 19″ & 21″ sizes.•Specially designed for heavy-soil load situations. •Ideal for low profile, high-density commercial carpet.•Great for use in Rotary Shampoo & Spin Bonnet, OPE (Oscillating Pad Encapslation) & other VLM (Very Low Moisture) methods. Tuway manufactures some of the longest lasting carpet bonnets available.

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    Weight 4 lbs
    Dimensions 6.19 × 6.19 × 12.875 in