18-inch Carpet Rake


18″ CARPET RAKE for agitation and grooming.


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This carpet rake is a versatile tool used by professional carpet cleaners that can be used for agitation of soiled traffic lanes and loosening embedded dirt. It brings ground in dirt, mud, hair and pet fur to the surface for easier cleaning. The carpet will look like new when finished!

Recommended by carpet manufacturers for maintaining the nap of new carpets. Detachable for easy storage.

  • LIFTS PET HAIR: Simultaneously loosen and lift deeply embedded soil particles and pet hair for efficient extraction and cleaning.
  • 18-INCH HEAD: The Extra wide (18 inch) head covers large areas quickly so less time in required to finish a room.
  • “LIKE NEW” APPEARANCE: Restructure the original design of the carpet to restore the resilient effect.
  • BEFORE VACUUMING: Use a “push-pull” method to raise trapped-in dirt and loosen embedded hair for easy removal.
  • AFTER VACUUMING: Use a “push-pull” method to lift the carpet pile and make vacuum track marks disappear.



18" carpet rake

Carpet Rake 18 inch

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18-inch Carpet Rake