SOS Sub Surface Extraction Tool


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The SOS Sub Surface Extraction Tool is a handy, affordable accessory and is a must have for any low moisture carpet cleaner that offers pet treatment. The tool fits a number of hose sizes (see chart) and you can use this with any wet/dry vac or spotting machine such as the Mytee Lite or Tempo.

What’s the process? Simple. Mix your Encap-A-Cide, PeeRadicator or similar product. Saturate the contaminated area (but not overly so), wait approximately ten minutes, or as advised on product label, apply SOS Sub Surface Extraction Tool and water claw the urine from the pad and carpet to your machine.

It’s suggested that you apply a post topical treatment and perhaps a secondary malodor.

Dispose of the waste and you’re done!

SOS Subsurface Extraction Tool Hose Chart






Pet Urine Removal



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Weight 4 lbs
Dimensions 7 × 7 × 12 in

Extraction Tool